Visa approved and issued

Visa issued, happy couple.

Our US client petitioned for his wife who lived in Ukraine in March, 2017. With few but enough evidence we were able to secure positive results. His petition was approved by the USCIS and after consular processing his wife went for an interview to the U.S. embassy in Ukraine on January 03, 2018. Next day after an interview we received a notice that her visa was printed.

approved fiancee visa

Approved fiancee visa

The fiancee visa (K1 visa) was issued by the U.S embassy for our client. It took us only 4 months to bring a fiancee to the U.S. The K1 visa is the fastest way to bring your loved one to the U.S., as opposed to the immigrant visa for the spouse. If you want to learn more about the requirements of this visa and how to start, check out our website here.

uscis approval notice

Greencard approval

We received an approval notice for another family-based immigration case from Connecticut. The U.S. citizen filed the petition for his spouse 6 months ago and the process went without a hitch. We are very happy to assist our clients outside of the state of Illinois. The process went smoothly without any Request for Evidence.

Excellent news for fiancee visa client.

  • By Oksana Sakhniuk
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  • June 1, 2017

Our case was successfully transferred to the U.S. embassy in Ukraine. Now we are getting ready and getting prepared for her immigration interview in Kyiv. The petition was filed on January 23 and approved on May 05 of this year. An the first day of June we received a notice from the U.S. embassy in Ukraine that they are ready to process our application!

Approval by National Visa Center

Bringing the U.S. citizen's brother and his family

This family-based immigration case was approved by the National Visa Center. The US citizen had applied for her brother and his family in 2009. The immigrant visa for them became available only in 2017. Our paperwork at NVC was approved and now we are waiting for an interview date at the embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Greencard being produced notice

Green card being produced notification

"Green card being produced" notification for our client. Flawless paperwork means less risk and smaller likelihood of request for additional evidence. We love this notices as much as our clients do. At Sakhniuk Immigration Law we care about you, your family and your case.

USCIS approval notice

USCIS approval notice

One more successful case! We recieved the approval notice from the USCIS on time for a marriage based green card application case. There are many benefits to having an attorney on the case: in-depth knowledge of the law, assistance filing correctly all documents for your case, ensuring a timely and smooth process and many more!

same sex marriage application

Same sex marriage application

This is how an attorney's prepared application looks like. After four months of collecting all the necessary documentation and evidence we filed their immigration package with the USCIS. You have only one chance to persuade immigration officer that you entered into a legitimate marriage. Trust your lawyer and never rush the process.

NVC notice in less than one month

Record NVC response

We were able get a fast results for a daughter who cant wait to bring her parents from Ukraine. The package to the NVC was sent on February 24 and the interview was scheduled on March 16 (less then a month). This timeframe is highly unusual as processing times by NVC have been always increasing. We are very delighted that the process went fast and smoothly.